17 November 2009

Pardon the Hysteria (PTH)

Pardon the hysteria, but MARC SAVARD IS BACK ON THE ICE TODAY!!!!! From Bish's blog

10:56 a.m.
I've been watching Marc Savard skate for several minutes and to my untrained eye the Bruins playmaker looks to have no mobility restrictions. He has been working with pucks, skating hard and does not seem to be favoring anything.

It is a darn good sight, frankly. And Derek Morris, Milan Lucic and Marco Sturm have all been out to watch him skate and are wearing smiles.

Clearly, Marc looks a little tired or winded after some of these drills, but after several weeks off, that is to be expected. Not to mention that the man he is working with, John Whitesides, is not known for his easy workouts.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing, at least for Bruins fans, is the big 'ol smile on Savard's face.

12:04 p.m.
My favorite Twitter re-tweet of the day to the news that Savard is skating: "Skies parting... angels singing..." Obviously, there are no miracles yet as Savard is not on the ice for the regular session, but the sentiment is correct.

Skies parting? Sadly, not really, but in honour of it, here's Marc looking like a man's man from the Improper Bostonian photoshoot:

And the angels truly sang....

Praise Jesus and thank the LORD! Christmas is coming early for Bruins fans if Savvy's back on the ice, and Looch is set to return on Thursday/Friday.  Is it ridiculous to post too much hope on 2 men that are merely part of a 23-man unit? Probably but WHO GIVES A FUCK, IT'S LOOCH AND SAVVY!

My suggestion upon their mutual return: Put Sobotka with them and watch points rack up.

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