17 November 2009


PTH again, but word is, Kari expects to be back skating next week. DW has already stated he doesn't expect the big Finn to return to the team until after the Winter Classic (yes, that is what I am calling the New Year, so eat it), which will then pose a whole new passel of issues, but those'll be dealt with then.

So this is great news the day after Kari turns 26. And watch me leap right back onto that Thrashers Bandwagon (YEAH, SUCH A THING EXISTS) once he returns to the ice. Rakkastan sinua, Karppa!

In honour of this fucking AWESOME news, here's some of my favourite pics of Kari.

Get back on the ice, and get well soon, Kari!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your return to the bandwagon. We are having a party in here!
With Kari back and 'if' he is at the top of his game, I think that the Thrashers become a team that could actually make it deeper into the playoffs than 4 losses in a row.

icebox42 said...

Love the Kari w/ colby picture. Where'd you find that at?

around the way girl said...

Man I was afraid someone was going to ask that. I honestly don't remember. I was sent a link to it by a friend, and saved it. When I went back to see if there were more, the photos in the set had all been locked. But mad props to whomever took it!