19 November 2009

PTHI: Lucic en-route to ATL, Savard sitting, Bruins trade update

Title says it all, really. Milan Lucic will be in the ATL for tonight's game, hopefully playing. Game time decision yet again, so change your bets accordingly, ladies and gentlemen. Savard will not be playing tonight, again, adjust your bets. Holla to my Thrashers friends I quickly notified about Looch missing the game, please adjust your hopes accordingly. Juuuuuuuust in case.

I like to think my use of the Serbian in my prior post really helped him feel better (SHUT UP! I'M NOT DELUSIONAL, OK? I LIKE PRETEND.).

And since I'm posting and don't really want to post bomb you like I have been the past few days... More word on the street from Boston.

Summary: Chiarelli won't be making any trades until Lucic and Savard are back.
Translation: If you guys don't step it the fuck by the time those two return, you're ALL on the block. Give your heads a shake and get yo' shit TOGETHER  (in my head, Chiarelli's gangsta).
Solution: (Per me) Try putting Wideman with one of the stay-at-home defenceman tonight, and not with guys who're going to beat him up to the play. Think it through.

But ooooh, trade threats. Scary.

Here's to hoping Looch'll be on the ice shoving guys over the boards by their asses tonight.

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