19 November 2009

Wides hits 100 and other Bs @ ATL / TOR observations!

Congratulations, Dennis Wideman! 100 NHL points. And way to pick up your O. Mikey Ryder, my fantasy team thanks you. Milan Lucic looks awesome out there. There's been a few missteps, but on the whole, looking good. Coach, thanks for taking my suggestion to put Wides back with Ference.

Um. BOTH Thrasher goals left me agape. My jack was slack. Very, very impressive.

This would be SUCH a better game if there was a roar of a crowd. DURING the game. This is a GOOD hockey game. Sigh.

Awesome. A 4 on 3. Say it with me now, lovelies. FIRE. WAGON. HOCKEY!

Seriously this game really needs a roaring crowd. This is intense. It's just not the same without the OOOOOOOOOOHs and AAAAAAAHHHHHHs.

OK I will do a summary of both games tomorrow because a lot of things blew my mind. Like Blake Wheeler whiffing on an open net in the shootout.  And the Thrashers tying it up in the last minute. I SAW THE PITTSBURGH GAME FLASH BY MY EYES ALL OVER AGAIN. Then it went to the shootout. The SHOOTOUT! I cussed for about 2 minutes straight. I told a friend of mine someone better make sure all the milk crates are strapped down, just in case. But Tuuuuuuuuukks!

Anyway, I was watching the Leafs score on my computer, and WHOAH! up 3-0 in the first! Then the Leafs turned back into the Leafs and went on to lose to Carolina 6-5 in the shootout.

I'm getting a good feel for what it's like to be a fan of the Leafs.It's not much different from being a fan of the Caps in the early 00s. Funny, that.

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