02 December 2009

7 + 28.05 + 200 = EPIC WIN

Marc Savard just scored his 200th NHL goal on the eve of re-upping with the B's for 7 years at 28.05m, taking less money than he'd been getting in his current contract, and this is the single most amazing quote I've heard about the re-signing, and I really have to share with my 11 followers:

Savard freely admitted to the media at Wednesday morning’s press briefing he could have entertained more lucrative contract offers had he hit the open market following this season. Toronto, for certain, would have been more than willing to show Savard the money and reunite him with wayward winger Phil Kessel.

But it was an option that the 32-year-old center gave exactly zero thought to while pledging allegiance to the Spoked B – an action that’s effectively thrown down the gauntlet for the rest of the team going forward.
You can read the rest of the article here. But reading between the lines? TAKE THAT, PHIL KESSEL!

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k of c said...

This is great...and of course I'm excited about the big Blackhawks deals the same week! If only the Hawks and B's got to compete more often...