03 December 2009

Yet another awesomely bad hockey player commercial

I'll give Looch props. His delivery is a little wooden, but his facial expressions are awesome, and you can tell he's speaking memorised lines, not reading a teleprompter. So in carrying with the tradition of sharing with you awesomely bad (although in this case, bad meaning good) hockey player commercials, I give you:

Milan Lucic pimping TTC

Thanks to HubHockey for digging up this gem. If you actually go to the YouTube site, you can find out why the video game looks so ghetto, which is kind of brilliant, IMO.

Here's to hoping Marc Savard shows up next doing an advert for the Ed Hardy Home Collection!


k of c said...

I like that one! I just posted it along with a Hawks IKEA ad, to show how envious I am of the low-budget Boston commercials, they're more fun...

around the way girl said...

It's low-budget but it's also ghetto fabulous. That's part of the charm. I mean, it's Boston's! The old Caps ones were hilarious scenarios, that's where Crazy Ron (Wilson) really got his nickname. Patrick Kane is ... more wooden. He's like Crosby. They do slick, well directed, multi-camera shoots that they over produce. But they're so monotonous in their own ways. I love that Looch can make fun of himself.