15 December 2009

"...forward Wozniewski..." - TSN

Per TSN, the Bruins have recalled forward Wozniewski and d-man Adam McQuaid as a result of placing Milan Lucic on IR. Four weeks after he injured himself. I get it. They don't want to put Wideman on IR despite what's quite possibly a broken foot (Marc Savard, same shot, sound familiar?), so when Lucic is ready, and it's sounding like he'll be ready for the Classic for sure, if not a game or two prior (hopefully), both get sent down. Wideman gets a few-game break, the team gets two easy healthy scratches (no offence boys, if you're reading), and in possibility, neither Sobotka nor Paille have to be sent down when Looch returns. A forward has to be recalled for a forward, and D for D. I wonder if Wozniewski is any better playing forward. Every time I hear Wozniewski's name, I confuse him with James Wisniekski and get a tiny bit psyched. Not so much by the +/-, but the points!

But then I remember.

I hope this is the shortest IR possible. What's that, 3 days?

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