12 December 2009

The good and the bad

FWH long-time friend Robbie Schremp scored his first NHL goal tonight against Vezina-winning goaltender Tim Thomas. You go Tater Tot! Keep 'er up! Just not against the B's, eh? Love you!

Signature Schrempie knee-drop fist-pump.

Now THAT'S goal love.

Luke Schenn is a healthy scratch. Was it the turnover that led to Krejci's goal that sealed the deal? I'm not sure. I took way too much joy in the Bruins' win to notice any additional mistakes he may have made. I just hope that this serves to bolster him and strengthen his resolve, rather than weaken him further and rattle him and his game.


Sad Luke. =[ At least he has on a new suit?

Thanks to Sasky for the screen cap.

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