10 December 2009

It's the little things that bring me joy

With about 1:49 remaining in the 2nd, and :16 in Toronto's power play, the puck in their defencive zone, Phil Kessel has the puck against the boards. Marc Savard skates all the way across the sheet to throw himself at Kessel, then turns and skitters away to the bench for the change. Kessel turns around, ignoring the puck and the play, and starts chirping Savard. Hey listen, you little snot-nosed punk. You chose to leave. And the boys announced they were going to make your life hell every time you came back. You think because he centred you for 2 years, Savvy's gonna take it easy on you? Grow up. Count your stars that Looch is out right now or you'd be Van Ryn revisited.

Marc Savard, you are totally my hero. I hope you were chirping Kessel while throwing yourself at him. Also I love that Savard doesn't hit, he throws himself at people. Not unlike how he throws himself at the glass after a goal.
Big things make me happy too, and let me just say, that robohip David Krejci got during the off-season is really working out for him. Someone put him in an All-Star game. The kid is FAST. He spun Schenn around to leave him on his knees, outskated Kaberle without even trying, and gave every Bruins fan in the world a taste of the skill and talent that's bubbling just below his calm, shy surface. That goal was a thing of beauty and set my heart aflutter. Oh the dekes! Oh the fakes! Oh the wicked forehand he just snapped past Toskala. Was that 7-hole? I think it was!

Toskala is rather askew.

Goal love! Toskala quenching thirst.

And hey, listen, Jamal Mayers? Mark Stuart is going to hand you your ass every time. Just let it go. But thanks for the entertainment!

THAT is how you throw a punch.

Phil Kessel is going to be chirped, booed, and serenaded every time he sets foot in the Garden for the rest of his life. And I could not be happier for that. KesselMania? I think not. KesselFail more like.

I can't wait til Looch is back on the ice and raring to go against Komisarek. Looks like Toronto is suddenly as big an rival as Montreal, if not moreso. When do these two teams play again?!

Psst: It's behind you.

Also, for your pleasure and information, Don Cherry will be manning the NESN desk with Kathryn Tappen and Mike Milbury on 12/30, for the pre-game analysis, and for the 1st intermission, which will be a Bruins-centric Coaches Corner. I can't fucking WAIT. I hope Tappen does as she says she will and just sits back and shuts the fuck up because there is not a THING she can contribute while sitting next to those two great hockey minds. Set your Tivos. 12/30, BOS v ATL. There might be a shoe-beating, who's to say?

Note to self: Save cocky blog posts for after the game, because the opponent will sense said cockiness and set out to shove my foot into my mouth. But thanks to the B's for stepping it up and getting it done. Nice try, Leafs.

Lastly, with tonight's win, Tuukka Rask is 9-2-2 on the season, the best start for a B's goaltender since '73-'74.  God I love Finn goalies.

PS: Yahoo!FAIL:

Um.... pretty sure the only thing Milan Lucic was playing tonight was Brickbreaker on his Blackberry during TV timeouts. Good job using the team's media darling to bring in more clicks, though. Sneaky bastards.

PPS: With Ray Emery on the shelf for 6 weeks with a bruised ego, am I the only one waiting to see how long it takes for Philly to trade for Ty Conklin? It's just not outdoor NHL hockey if Conklin's not playing, and hello - opportunity is knocking!


k of c said...

I should have watched that game a little closer, but I'm glad I saw it at all (since I was at the Hawks-Pens game during Saturday's game). Glad the B's won...and the Leafs weren't quite as humiliated as last time.

I love Finn goalies too, or at least the Hawks'! I would LOVE to see Rask vs. Niemi when the B's play here next week...

TheDeadSwan said...

I might be in love with Tuukka Rask.

around the way girl said...

K: There's like 4 teams the B's play that I watch every. Single. Play. Toronto obviously being one of them. I have to get my kicks where I can find them, eh? Chances are pretty good Rask'll get the start. Thomas has been rumoured to be returning from his "injury" but you always play the hot goalie so... Which is killing my fantasy team b/c I have Thomas. Sigh.

DS: It's the sharp jawline, high cheekbones, sparkling eyes, funny eyebrow and the great accent isn't it? I, too, am in love with a Finn goalie (Lehtonen) so we share this love. Tuukka however, won my love by throwing a milk crate. Who DOES that? CRAZY GOALIES!

TheDeadSwan said...

His face is almost creepily sharp/pointy, but he seems hilarious. Also, he speaks three languages including a better grasp of English than most of the players who speak English as a first/only language.
I LOVE that he threw a milk crate! Between him and Thomas the Bruins goalies are batshit insane and it's awesome. I would throw things at people with Tuukka. I have a mini goalie keychain I named Tiny Tuukka and I'm trying to find it a mini milk crate. Sadly, they're few and far between.

around the way girl said...

DS: OMG MAKE ONE!!!! Hahahaha. IDK how.... maybe pipe cleaners? Kids' play food stuff might have one, but it wouldn't be small enough. Maybe like a hobby shop that sells doll houses!!

Goalies that kill bears and throw milk crates. I love this team so much. And yah, Tuukka's English is better than any other Finn I've ever heard speak. For what it's worth, I've also discovered David Krejci speaks PERFECT english, he just has that wicked heavy accent. At least with Tuukka though, I'm not screaming "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING??? WHY ARE THERE NOT SUBTITLES HERE???" at the TV like I do when they interview Ryder, which they seem to do way too much. I think I've got him down now too though. Heh.

TheDeadSwan said...

I don't understand how Ryder manages every day life.
I stopped listening to interviews Krejci too, because I like to watch him play, but I asked him a question once and he gave me the worst TWO answers ever. Not just one, TWO. More than I could handle.

around the way girl said...

Here's the trick to understanding Mike Ryder. It's a Scottish/Irish accent mixed with a heavy Northern Ontario accent. Once I figured that out, it was like he was speaking unaccented English!

OK wait, so did he give you STUPID answers, or just like, was he incomprehensible? Excepting Mark Stuart and Blake Wheeler, these guys aren't rocket surgeons. ;-]

eyebleaf said...

One game is all it takes for me to hate Toskala again.

TheDeadSwan said...

I just started ignoring Ryder except when he scores.
Krejci gave me two really really stupid answers. Why the two of them in particular?

bkblades said...

Frankly, I'm kind of blown away when you referred to Mike Milbury as a great hockey mind. :P

around the way girl said...

BK: Have you ever heard Kathryn Tappen speak? He's fucking Einstein in comparison.