07 December 2009

Looch rocks 30 Rock, TOR v ATL

It really pains me to do this, but Getty/NHLImages are getting really anal about releasing their photos to ANY free photo sources, so ... here's some pictures of Milan Lucic at 30 Rock today in NYC. I'm sorry about the watermarks. I hate them too.

Had to include the last one to give appropriate props to his snazzy and well-chosen outfit. Am I the only one wondering if the camera guy's about to get run down by a yellow cab? You know, it's funny. Mr Charismatic, Milan "The Camera Loves Me" Lucic, actually looks awkward and slightly uncomfortable and hella overwhelmed. In the States, you don't get much more famous than having your face bigger than life in the front display windows of NBC Studios in Rockefeller Center. Welcome to super-stardom, kiddo.

Also! Tonight the 15-8-3 Thrashers visit the ACC to take on the 8-13-7 Leafs. I'm not entirely sure what to say about it, but I'm pretty excited for the game, and I'm curious which Leafs team will show up to play - the team who got raked/blown/crushed by the Bruins, or the one that took the Caps down a notch. I'm just really hoping that whatever team it is, they fight the good fight and don't sleep their way through 60 minutes while the Thrash put on a clinic (See: Leafs @ Bruins 12/5/09). However, this I know: there will be two guys on the ice called "White" and for some reason this makes me laugh.


TheDeadSwan said...

His handlers dragged him away really quickly, but he was nice and posed for a few pictures with people before they made him leave.
He's so cheery and adorable, it's hard to believe he can get as violent as he does.

around the way girl said...

You were there! That's awesome! How did the Q&A go? I got the photos of him with fans off Getty but the watermarks are just terrible. Everyone in the photos is obscured.

I think he's cheery and adorable BECAUSE he's so violent on ice. He gets all his frustrations and stuff out there. Most pugilists are really sweet guys off-ice!

TheDeadSwan said...

The QA went pretty well. It was kind of boring. The girl from the NHL.com's Hockey Show thing did it and it was a bunch of questions that have probably already been asked. Then about 3 people in the audience asked questions and it was the same. He was adorable though, so it was worth it.
There weren't that many people there, so I felt awkward taking pictures, so I have none, or else I'd post them somewhere.
I enjoyed hearing him talk about NYC- apparently this was his first time here. He said he went to Rockefeller Center (but didn't go skating, obviously).
I can see how that would work. If I got to beat people up regularly I'd probably be happier.

wrap around curl said...

I was half hoping to see him with Liz Lemon and Kenneth the Page....