06 December 2009

Milan Lucic: Media Appearance Darling

If you love Lucic, as do I, then this is your lucky week! With the Bruins having the week to get through before playing the 2nd of a home/home-and-home, and the apparently quite-minor high ankle sprain injury (kid's already taken off the boot!), Looch is having a media frenzy. So to say.

Tomorrow, if you happen to be in NYC, Looch will be at the NHL Store (1185 Avenue of the Americas) for what nhl.com is calling a "Q/A Session," from 5-5:30pm EST, which will be something similar to this:

And while in the City, Looch is going to stop by the VH1 studios to talk about the Classic for the Top 20 Countdown show. I'm not sure if he'll be helping count down the Top 20, or if he'll just be a filler or bumper, but Milan Lucic. On VH1. Awesome. The show will air on Saturday at 9am EST. Set your Tivo now!

On Wednesday, Looch, Tim Thomas, Patrice Bergeron, Z, and Marco Sturm (nice representation of all their nationalities except Czech - did Krejci pass on his 7th required public appearance?) will be hitting the Target (LOVE Target!) in Woburn MA (101 Commerce Way) to go Christmas shopping for kids who can't go home from hospital for Christmas. I love hockey charities. They're so awesome. Each guy gets a wish list from each of the participating hospitals. And there is hilarity to be had because, hello?

LOL 1: I know it's a media thing too, but the jersey kills me. Like anyone in New England who saw him would not know who he is.
LOL 2: "I am NOT wearing the hat."
LOL 3: The oblivious couple behind him, studying alarm clocks and iPod docks as intently, while Looch confusedly tries to pick a portable CD player.                                          
LOL 4: Are his fingers pinned between the handle and metal gate?

So there you have it. Loochapalooza. Dig it.


Jason said...

I like your blog, it's pretty cool. I have a couple of sports blogs myself which I hope will make a good contribution to the sports blogging community. I'd like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around. Please let me know if this is possible.


around the way girl said...

Sure. Just let me know the link(s) and what team(s) they're in relation to and I'll give you a link for a link.

k of c said...

The only thing that would make that Target photo better is if it had some of those Hello Kitty CD players in it (I've sort of wanted to buy one, I'll admit). I'll have to find the results of this media blitz online...

around the way girl said...

k of c Ihave all the photos from last year's, but they're archived on DVD now. If you hit bruins.nhl.com the photos are still in the gallery. Phil Kessel seems to be spending an inordinate time choosing the proper play-doh.