03 January 2010

Winter Classic Moments | Satan offencive?

I have millions of photos of the Classic, and there's no way I have the time nor inclination to post all of them, so here's a few favourites. And huge props to the B's for being the first home team to win the Classic. Bruins, what!

Miro Satan signs with the Bruins
Well this was an interesting development. What has Satan been doing this season, other than not playing in the NHL, and "training" in Long Island? I can't quite figure out the theory behind this signing. I realise the B's need some offence, but last season, Satan only had 17 goals and 19 assists, playing with Crosby and Malkin. As a point of reference, Lucic had 17 goals and 25 points, and is on IR until, likely, Friday vs the Blackhawks.

Once Looch makes his return, Chiarelli is faced with the choice of who to either waive (Paille? A good addition to the team, and sure to be picked up on the wire before making it to the P-Bruins), or send back down Providence. The semi-obvious choice at this point is to send Sobotka back down as he doesn't have to clear waivers, but with how he's been playing, which doesn't necessarily reflect on the stat sheet (4 goals, 3 assists), it seems illogical. Especially to replace a 22 year old coming into his game, who hits like he's 80lbs heavier (why doesn't the NHL include hits, MS, A/B, TK and GV in their comprehensive stats anymore, when they're included on the game sheets?), with a 35 year old who hasn't played in about 6 months, and hasn't been a huge offencive threat since 2005, when he put up 35 goals and 31 assists.

So what will happen with Lucic comes off IR? Remains to be seen, but given the Bruins' performance at the Classic, while chippy and rattled at times, the addition of Satan confuses the shit out of me. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And while I realise the Bruins are one of the lowest teams in the league with 2.5 GPG, I still don't see how adding Satan to the lineup will make much of an impact. Unless he's been added to the roster as trade bait for the upcoming trade deadline? So many ifs and so many questions. Expect to see Satan playing on Monday v the Rangers. I, of course, will not be seeing it, since it's on Versus, and I have DirecTV. Fuck you again, Comcast.

I just hope that before he retires, Satan signs with the Devils. Then my hockey fandom will be complete. Hopefully that will happen in March.

I'm vexed.

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