02 August 2010

Kari stuff

Hey, remember me? What's up? Long time no talk.

So I was surfing through random stuff today, and came across this article. I thought a few of you would be interested in the blurb below, especially considering Marty Turco's recent signing in Chicago:

His stellar performance over the final month of last season proved to the Stars that Lehtonen would be a worthy successor to Turco and earned him the contract extension, which will pay him $10.65 million ($3.55 million average per year) over the next three seasons.

Over the final 14 games, of which he started nine, Lehtonen sparkled, fashioning a 6-3-0 mark, including his 100th career victory, with a 2.44 goals-against average and .926 save percentage. 

“We’re moving forward with Kari,” Stars General Manager Joe Nieuwendyk said. “We’ve had a long tradition here of having premium goaltenders. Marty Turco has been a solid goaltender here for over a decade now and has done great things on and off the ice. But I just felt for the long-term success of our franchise, we needed to acquire Kari Lehtonen. I think the way he played in the last 10-12 games, his performance showed that with a good summer of training, we hope that he can be an elite goaltender once again like he was early in his career.”
Rock on, Karppa. I might even consider getting a Stars jersey and hopping that bandwagon (but staying on the Bruins' one at the same time!) .

All I've got for now. Lots of shit going on everywhere and it's too hard to keep up and do it all on a mobile phone (OMG I HAVE NO INTERNET AT HOME ANYMORE! OR TV! AND AM ABOUT TO LOSE HOME! HELLLLLLLP!).

Take 'er easy, friends and readers. Love yous guys.

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