23 October 2007

Post-game Review

4 - 5
  • Hedberg has made hockey a full-contact sport for goalies. This is full of WIN!
  • Perrin was, completely unshockingly to us here at FWH, a BEAST on the ice, with 3 points (2 goals), and nearly scored the OT winner for the hatty.
  • Where the HELL were the rally helmets?
  • If we knew Antropov was going to deke on the shootout goal, how did Hedberg not know? Hedberg has a damned 5-hole you can drive a Zamboni through.
  • Toronto announcers: Hedberg's first name is said yo-HAHN. It does not rhyme with man. And Kovy's last name ends like chuck. It is not chook. And Lehtonen's name is not Carrie. It's KAH-ree. OK? Make a freakin' note.
  • Congrats to Heddy for going 5-0 career in the shootouts,
Watching 2 somewhat crappy and desperate teams playing is always pretty awesome. It was indeed a barn burner - we'll have to download this one for posterity. Not quite a football score, but we were pretty close in our prediction.

Huge congrats to Tobi Enstrom on his first NHL goal!

(AP Photo/Frank Gunn, The Canadian Press)

Your three stars are:
* Kovy
** Sundin
*** Enstrom

Dominic Moore was finally taken off D2D after 22 days, and placed on IR today with his abdominal strain. No article on this, but google-news it and you'll find one-line mentions in a few different publications. Get better soon, Dom!


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rally helmets disappeared once marc savard left town; that was his doing. wish he could've sticked around... :(