06 November 2007

Post-game Review: ATL v WAS

2 - 1

Sorry we didn't write up a pre-game, consider our advice to bet on the Thrash as our pre-game preview. We're listening to the game online, and it's nice - it reminds us of the good ol' days of the lockout when we had to listen to every game online. We've always imagined this is what it was like back in the olden days - the whole family gathered around the glowing radio, listening to legendary broadcasters calling the game, and you watched the whole game with your imagination. But as nice as it is, we can't wait 'til Saturday when the Thrash are back on TV.

Onto the game review.

Wow, who imagined Eminger, in his first NHL game of the season, would be the d-man Kovy bored down on and out-deked to score? Oh wait! We did! Because Emmer is is the cautionary tale of what not to do for defenceman. Most of the time. High glove side from the left circle - 13 goals for Kovy, 7 in 3 games. Who wants to bet it was a wrister?

In his first NHL game, Chris Bourque gives Atlanta their first PP of the game. Way to get on the score sheet, Bourquey! Welcome to the NHL.

Pavs makes a stop on Fleischmann
(Image courtesy Getty Images)

During the PP, Kovy was hurt somehow, but skated off under his own power, albeit bent over. Figures, doesn't it?

Perrin's picking up the slack and minutes voided by Kovy's absence. We'd really love it if Hoss, if not Kozzie, would pick up the production. Perrin's one of the better true centres in the game, in our totally not-humble opinion, and could dish a beauty pass right on the tape to a blind grandma. When you've got a great set-up man on your team, all you need is the blind confidence to know it's coming right to you, and your only worry is getting your shot on point. We have a feeling the chemistry still isn't solid yet between Perrin and his teammates, but by January, they should have that confidence. We hope. We love Perrsy, and want him to stay in A-town.

Awesome news, Kovy is back on the bench for the start of the 3rd. Thank god.

Aaaaand there goes Pavelec's shutty, on the PK after Holik hit Ovechkin from behind. Smooth - good leadership there, Cap'n.

Granted, we can't see the game except in our imagination, but Pavelec, despite having lost the shutout, sounds like he is just absolutely dominating in net. Shots are 31-20 at this point, and Pavelec is just making great save after great save. Again, we're reminded of Kari. Not that we don't love Heddy, but the idea of a tandem of Lehts and Pavelec is making us salivate. Should Heddy not be offered a renewal over the summer, which is highly likely (we've decided we're henceforth calling Pavelec "Pavs"), we would not be too heartbroken. Not that Heddy hasn't been great as well; you gotta ride the hot goalie though eh? And Pavs is on fire.

And we go.................................... to overtime.

Thrash begin OT with :14 of PP time remaining, starting it 4-on-3. Of interesting note, Caps' first OT of the year.

White falls down but has presence of mind to dish the puck to Kozzie, then gets up again, heads for the net, takes a perfect tape-to-tape pass from Kozzie, and goes high glove on the short side from the top of the crease for the GWG 1:43 into OT. It is White's 100th NHL goal. Congrats! Thrashers win.

(Image courtesy ModSquad Hockey)

We don't want to alarm you, but we're fairly certain Kovy left again during the 3rd. Whenever we can get an update on his status, we'll throw a post up about it.

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