26 December 2007

Game Day Preview

Basically, the Thrash are going into the... where the hell do the BJs play? United Center? Is that Chicago? Wherever, I don't care enough to look it up. The Thrash are coming in on a 4-0-0 streak with a hot goaltender, and a team playing up to its potential. The BJs are welcoming them with uh... well not a hell of a lot. They have Rick Nash, I hear. Yet, I'm always reminded of what Triz said about him once:
For a pudgy little bastard Rick Nash sure can play some hockey. Maybe it's Tkachuk Syndrome. Who knows? I can't believe this guy is fit enough to walk to his mailbox in the morning without getting winded and passing out let alone play 60 minutes of hockey.
Rick's from the generation of London Knights that are like a year before our time, so we're obligated to talk shit. The 05-07 Knights, you don't play, those our boys (See: Kostitsyn, Sergei).

Anyway, the BJs have a tubby forward, um, some Ricci-ugly dude from Colorado who should've retired like 3 years ago, some old Russian guy who probably should retire before he goes down in flames, and um. Who? Zherdev? And Fredrik "Ain't no fuckin' way that dude is taking Kari's job in Moscow" Norrena. Right. Let's look at the BJs record and play of late. From the AP but slightly edited:
The Blue Jackets have lost four of six in Columbus, including two of three on their current four-game homestand after Sunday's 3-1 loss to Nashville. 05-07 Knight Fritsche (we love him!) scored, but other than that, the team was scoreless in four power-play chances to fall to 5-for-56 in man-advantage opportunities over the last 13 games. Columbus is tied with Phoenix for the third-fewest goals scored in the league with 84. The Blue Jackets have managed four goals in their last four games, winning just once in that stretch.
This team started hot and ... that was about all they had. Do you know what the Vegas lines are for this thing?! COLUMBUS u5½-135 5½ point underdogs, and you'd have to lay $135 down to win $100 on them. Ridiculous. Only the Isles have equally shitty lines today.

For the record, I dropped 500k on the Thrash again.

So... I'm thinking.... I'm thinking.... Thrashers by 3.

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