07 February 2008

Full of fail!

You know, I kind of blame myself. Because that's what I do, I take blame. Maybe I should not have posted pics of Kari's mask. Maybe I jinxed him.

Once again, there was no watching of the game because dish is running a full on Thrashblock against me, and I hate them for it. Thank god we get DirecTV on Sunday because I have had about enough of this crap. It's not bad enough we lose, but I can't even WATCH the loss.

Seriously, I don't know what to say. Alex freakin' Burrows with the GWG? Are you kidding me? That guy's turning into Ruutu revisited according to my friends who're Nucks fans. And for what it's worth, apparently on the TSN broadcast, the commentators were saying that Waddell has said he does not want to coach anymore. Well THAT much is apparent. Of the wins since the beginning of the year, how many were because of the goalie, not because we outplayed the other team? Yeah. That's what I was thinking, too. Time to promote Beast, for the love of god!

Tampa is tied with Nashville and Florida is tied with Ottawa. Oh and Ottawa's playing Emery so... that wail of anguish you'll be hearing shortly is all the Thrasher fans considering offing themselves because the Panthers leapfrogged them in the standings. But hey, you never know. Emery could pull it out of his ass. It being flying monkeys. Oh wait, Ottawa has gone up by one! Dream the impossible dream! Oh god did I just say that in reference to the Panthers? Kill me now. OH THANK GOD! OTTAWA WON! Score!

Photos in the morning.

Tony Salmelainen's inability to buy a break:

You probably don't have to read Finnish to understand the word "poliisi." Updates on this tomorrow.

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