07 February 2008

Game Day Preview

I could only hate the Canucks more if they changed to red and white and called themselves the Red Wings. The only thing I come close to liking about that team is Taylor Pyatt, but not even that is salvation enough.

We can analyze stats all we want, but the fact of the matter is, the boys hardly ever play the Nucks. And the Nucks are on a streak where they are tanking, in a big way. Like, 3 losses in a row, 2 of them to the Kittens and the Bolts. Srsly. That's comedy gold right there.

I haven't seen anything official but 99% chance Moose gets the net against his former team, so it doesn't matter what Kari's done against them. Moose's stats, surprisingly not so hot now that I look at them - 9GA in 41 shots and 2 games for a .780/4.51.... You know, maybe they should start Kari instead..... Just a thought.

F*&k the Nucks. Nuxors suxors! Thrash by 2.

1756ETA: Kari's getting the start. Let's go Thrashers!

Also, Rawhide informed me today that, I guess you need a Google/Blogger account to comment here. Which could explain my lack of comments? Anyway, that's disabled now. Everyone may comment! It is commentpalloza! Free for all commenting insanity! Commentblog! Which also leaves me entitled to delete your comment if you're being a tool. So don't be a tool. Thx.

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