08 February 2008

It's just how we roll. Photos. Salmelainen.

Before we get into today's post, I just wanted to thank y'all so much. Yesterday was a banner day, with 202 unique visits. I know most of you dropped in to see Kari's new mask, but it looks like a bunch of people stayed to read. Thank you. I hope you'll make return visits to Kari Central. Without further ado, hockey stuff!

From THN sigh-worthy news:

Burrows' goal 11:14 into the third period came after contact between teammate Ryan Kesler and Perrin in front of the net. Perrin's stick hit Lehtonen below his right collarbone, knocking the goalie off his feet. Lehtonen was sitting on his backside in front of the net and was unable to defend Burrows' shot.

After the game, Lehtonen showed a six-inch red streak on his upper chest.

"Perrin's stick hit me right here," Lehtonen said, pointing to the mark. "That's why I went on my butt. I couldn't get up fast enough.

"I was complaining a lot because I thought it was their player's stick, but I was wrong. Sometimes things like that happen."
Greaaaaat. Well done, Perrsy.

Your photos from last night:

I would really like to see a little less of the ass beating, and a little more of the goal scoring. Also, less injuring of our own players. DO NOT BE DERIAN HATCHER, BOYS!

Right so last night I teased you with the words Salmelainen and poliisi. Which is Finnish for police, if you're still struggling over that one (I thought about it later and realised it could be misconstrued for Polish. Maybe.). Best we figure, Salmo was arrested yesterday in Tampere, then taken to Helsinki, for returning to Finland without committing his mandatory Army conscription, which had been deferred due to his pro hockey contracts. As luck would have it, Toronto waiving him voided said deferral, and once he returned to Tampere to play for the national team, he was targeted. He was allowed to play, putting up one goal and one assist, and then taken into police custody. Late last night I heard he'd been released and was on the way to Stockholm with the team, so hopefully Yaroslavl faxed a copy of his contact with them over, and he is not on the lam. I love this guy, he's my 2nd favourite Finn player after Kari, and my god, if it weren't for bad luck he'd have none at all. Not unlike me.

But the best thing to come out of all this, from the Jatakoaika boards, was;
Tony Salmelainen Hat trick = one goal, one assist, police interrogation
That is a t-shirt waiting to happen! If you read Finnish and want more details, articles here, here, and here. And a nice pre-arrest article (with video) here. Onnea, Salmo!

Kiitos, K, for translations!

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