09 February 2008

Game Day preview: ATL v TBL

Thrash invite the Bolts to Blueland tonight for a thrashing. Haha, I'm punny.

Kari's in net, top line is Kovy-Cracker-Rex, Tampa pretty much blows right now. Of course I'll go with Atlanta for the win. No point spread tonight. It remains to be seen if dishNetwork will cooperate and actually let me see the game - bigger odds on that bet, really. But either way, Canes take on the Caps tonight, so one of them will be on top of us. Panthers head up to Boston to face the B's, so here's hoping the Bruins shine.

Also, just in case you missed it, the Thrash are posting the lineup for the night on their site. You can access that at any time through the * * * Lines for the Night * * * link over there on the right. Also, I will be updating the division standings hopefully every night. Most likely.

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