10 February 2008

Thrash win! With photos


You guys, good news! We have DirecTV now and don't lose satellite signal whenever a leaf blows by so I can actually watch the games now! It's going to be so amazing. I'm bummed I have to wait until Wednesday but I'll take it.

So, we won in OT, that's always sweet. I wouldn't know since I was neither listening nor watching, rather, I was watching the Bruins get embarrassed by the Panthers. I know right, what the hell? Caps and Florida are playing today as well, so hopefully they get shut down and we can retain 1st for a little while. Probably not until Wednesday, I don't think the team has that kind of luck. We'll see I guess.

Last night's photos:

I'm not sure what is the greater injustice in this next one...
The puck going in the net, or the caption reading
"...netminder Kari Lehtonen, of Sweden."
Both are pretty offencive to a Finn goalie.

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