07 February 2008

Kari's new mask! See it before he does! Also, cost per save

I am SO SUPER CITED you guys!!! Frank Cipra finished Kari's new Transformers/Optimus Prime mask, and I got a sneak peek of it!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!! I'm a little sad I don't have pics of the skullplate, but that's okay - who knows, maybe he will keep the current one? Now you guys know you are super special awesome, because I am pretty sure Kari hasn't even seen his mask yet! (I could be lying... people misinform me all the time...) I'm not sure when he'll be getting it, but you, dear readers, are my OMGBFFs so I am sharing the images with you! You saw it here first!

Bad ass! LOVE "Thrashers" in the "Transformers" font! Can't wait to see it in action!

Derek and the boys over at LinkBlog hooked us up with PuckThatHit and their effin' awesome cost per save analysis of all active goalies in the league. Kari and Moose are both pretty average in terms of cost, and it looks like this is up until 31 January. I'd be super interested to see this revised at the end of the season. Anyway, check it:

OK that's kind of blurry.

Hedberg: $1,148.63/save
Lehtonen: $1,895.93/save


Visit PuckThatHit to download the full-sized PDF.


Rawhide said...

This is SOOooo cool!!!! :o)

Maal said...

Yay! Hi there! I know, right?! Wait... the masks or the fact that you can comment?

Arkasha said...

So what happened? I thought you had some exclusive on Kari's new mask -- IF this was ever a mask of his, why didn't he ever wear it?

Maali said...

It's his. Here are pictures of the only times he wore it. He was injured for so long that they put off completing the mask and by the time it was done and ready for him, it'd been so long since the movie came out, and I was told so many people teased him/made fun of him for it, he chose not to wear it. He has another new one as well, but I dunno if he's going to ever wear it during a game.