27 February 2008

Hey there Pens fans!

Thanks for coming by. There's a lot of you guys, huh? So, welcome to PensSouthblog. Long-time reader of the PensBlog here, so I feel your pain (sort of). I'll be serving up plenty of news & photos on Army and Crusher, so it'll almost be like they're still with y'uns yinz. Unless you're Bing, in which case, well, you're screwed, kid. But we'll take good care of Army for ya.

Anyway, feel free to drop a comment and say hi.

PS: Here we live by WWKLD. And what KLWD is hate his teammates.


DS said...

It's "yinz", Maal. ;)

Oh, and the Pens had something like 300+ goals against when they were 29th in the league in '05-'06, so, while I can't say how thrilled they'll be, I don't think you have to worry about shell-shocking Army and Crusher with the revolutionary new system of play.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I'm a Pens fan, and after this Army/EC trade, I'll be checking this blog alot more

Maal said...

ds: Thanks, I will notate that! I've only ever HEARD it, not seen it written! And yes.... yes I remember 05-06. It was... painful to say the least. Our revolutionary new system of play includes defencemen napping on odd-man rushes, our forwards mostly being unable to hit the broadside of a barn on a clear day, and our goalie wearing a cape hidden beneath his jersey. I hope they like challenges!

osheak234: Awesome! I love new readers. I promise I won't let you down. I hope you like pictures and a lot of talking shit.

penzfan87 said...

people from w.Pa say youns too, just in pittsburgh yinz is more prevalent. thanks in advance for keeping us pens fans updated on colby and crusher, i'm a huge fan of both and the thrashers are now the team i'm rooting for to come out of the S.E.

Bobby Steels said...

I'm a huge Pens fan and I go to school at Clemson, so I've seen plenty of games down there in Atlanta.

Aside from the fire-spitting birds above each end, I am certainly a big fan of going and seeing the Caps lose as often as possible. Enjoy Army and Crusher

Maal said...

penzfan87: Awesome, thanks and welcome! And good luck with that. At this rate I'll be surprised if we don't surpass the Bolts to hold down the basement.

Bobby Steels Oh haaaai! Thanks for coming by, hope you'll stop in more often now that we've got Army and Crusher.