21 September 2008

Camp photos, post 1!

FrenchKheldar has been awesome enough to post 149 (!!) photos from camp yesterday. And he'd like some help identifying the rooks! So drop by and help him out.
Here's my favourites:

Ex having a snack
Rease, Tobi and Mike Hoffman (L-R) converge on Kari
(Thanks Jenn!)
A slim Thorburn, and Kenny Klee
Larsen and his dangle
Arturs Kulda

Bejbina brankář Pavelec


Jenn said...

fillin the blank - #19 is Marty Reason, not Colby. And that big mamma jamma is Matt Hoffman.

Maali said...

Hey thanks!! Good lord that guy IS big.

Any idea what # Colby is?

Jenn said...

that should be Reasoner, not Reason. Colby is #20, which is what he wore in Pittsburgh. and it's Mike, not Matt. Clearly I need a nap after getting up early for camp...

Maali said...

Hey you got a lot closer than I did thanks. I'm so glad Col's back to #20!

M.J. said...


Also I miss the other Wonder Twin:(

Maali said...

i know cupcake me too *SOB* STEVE COME BCAK ... no wait what am i saying? NEVERMIND!!! JUST SEND US PICS OF YOUR AWESOME HAIR!!!

i need more kari pics. ps i have things to tell you but i have orientation and need coffee beforehand so i will email u kthxlvubye!