22 September 2008

Things that make me happy

Listen, it's a one-item list. This is really all I need to keep me happy:

Mr Kari J Lehtonen in uni and on-ice. Photo taken by the fabulous AND amazing Lisa "Hockey Wench" Lewis, one of the contributors over at TheThrashers411. Go visit her.

What does the J stand for? I have my suspicions but I'm quite sure there are people reading who know for certain.

DUDE. WHERE ARE THE REST OF Y'ALL'S PHOTOS?! SERIOUSLY IT IS LIKE DAY 3 OF CAMP AND I AM LIKE... FREAKING OUT A TINY BIT! Please send me photos. And I won't lie, I mostly want photos of Moose, Karppa, and Baby Goalie Pavs.

Speaking of, we need an animal-themed nickname for Pavelec... Kari = Karppa (weasel). Hedberg = Moose. Pavelec = __?__ Submit your suggestions! I offer fabulous prizes! No clue right this second WHAT fabulous prizes, but I will hook you!

Yeah, that's all I got.


Anonymous said...

Pav's nickname was Pony.

Maali said...

That is only about 1000% amazing!!! Who are you? Can I send you a prize or something?? If you want, hit me up at firewagonhockey@gmail.com

Thank you thank you!