18 October 2008

Buffaloes are undefeated no more - Thrash win!

3 - 2

I just want to say, this was a win/win game for me. You might have noticed the glut of Sabres links on the right there. And the myriad Sabres posts I tend to make. But I'm pretty fucking psyched the Thrashers beat the undefeated team! Were they the last undefeated team? I think they are, but idfk. It doesn't matter!

Anyway, here's some photos. Kari was superbly awesome as usual, and earned 1st star. That's about all I can really bring myself to write about the game, mostly because it's only when I liveblog that I can actually remember the witticisms I come up with, but also because what the shit can I possibly say that's new and different? Nothing. And yah yah, it's with my perspicacity, but nonetheless, I'm not feeling all that funny or entertaining. Perhaps next game?

Look soon for video highlights and things. I think in lieu of my rapier wit, I'll just put up videos. Gotta have some kind of draw right?

ETA:Look! See? Videos!

Onto the photos!

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