05 December 2008

Sundry topics for my entertainment

Listen, I gotta be honest. I dunno what to write about the Thrashers right now. We all know they're not playing for shit so why sit here and be a naysayer and play chicken little and blahblahblah when there's all SORTS of other stuff in my hockey life that I can write about!

Let's lead off with this: BF and sweetheart of the Fire/Safety ladies, Robbie Schremp, scored his first NHL point with the Edmonton Oilers on 12/3. He was going for the goal but Turco made the pad save, and Pouilly was right there to bang it home, putting the Oil up, I believe, 3-1 at that point. The gorgeous Mr. Schremp went on to put up 14:32 of ice time, in 22 shifts, putting up only one shot (which earned him a point), and getting in 2 hits. Way to play, Tater Tot!

Tossing pucks to fans



So. Didja hear about John Grahame? Me personally? I love John Grahame. I've loved Johnny G since he played for the B's. So I was kind of heartbroken when he was bouncing around team-less for a little while, before finally landing in the KHL (Avangard Omsk, if you were curious). Now I'm even more heartbroken, because it seems Johnny got a little hammered one night and happened to be outside of a club, and what do you know, here come the popo, and they picked him up and put him in the pokey. The GM and President of the team went to bail him out, apparently they were a bit humiliated by that, and so they've decided that if they can't trade him, they're going to just terminate his contract outright. Although, there's no OFFICIAL comment on this yet, that's just the word from a team insider. Because apparently, no one in Russia drinks. Or is drunk. Or goes clubbing. Like, ever. But who knows, maybe he was standing next to this sign?

Нельзя пить
(No drinking)

If you didn't at least pre-rank Marc Savard high on your fantasy team's draft, you are a dumb dick who has no business even playing fantasy hockey. I was fortunate enough to get him with pick numero dos. And while I will be the first to admit that Jack, Brick, and Milbury are possibly the biggest homers on the planet, I definitely agree with them that Savvy is the most underrated player in the game right now. He's probably THE best passer in the game - they said he's equal to Joe Thornton despite the lack of size, but I think that actually makes him a littttttle better than old Joey. If this guy doesn't get voted into the All Star game, I'm never watching or voting again. Fuck the all star game anyway. How did they NOT reset the vote counts to 0 after they discovered that hack? I call shenanigans! Anyway, Savvy. 8 goals, 24 assists, 66 shots on goal. In comparison, Kovy has 8 goals, 15 points, and 70 shots. See the difference a good defence and an entire team of pretty great players make?

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