09 December 2008

OMG you guys!

You guys! Kari skated yesterday in full gear! And played in net! And I have a PICTURE to PROVE IT! Super extra special thanks to the gorgeous and charming Lisa AKA Hockey Wench from The Thrashers 411 who took this with her phone!

And I'm not sure where this came from, someone actually emailed it to me with no attribution so if it's yours, sorry for not giving you credit:
You can usually tell how a goalie is doing by looking behind him. If you keep finding a puck in the net, he’s not having a good day. But if you were looking at the back of the net at Thrashers practice on Monday, you were looking in the wrong place. You needed to wait for Kari Lehtonen to remove his mask. The smile you saw told you everything you needed to know.
So clearly, this is like, the greatest week of my life right now! And if you had my life, you'd realise that's not quite the pathetic statement it comes off as. Also, I've been kind of thinking Kari'll head to Chicago between Friday and Wednesday, put in a few games, then be back in Blue, and all will be right with my world, and if you don't find the same excitement that I do in his return, you can fuck right off, because I do not care what you think and this is my blog, AKA Kari Central.

Also I have a bunch of photos from the past couple games but I haven't had time to resize them so I figure they'll just keep stacking up until I find some free time then I'll do a post with like 100 pictures or something. Sorry. Hope no one's sitting around waiting for them.

PS: How 'bout them Bruins, baby?

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Lisa aka HockeyWench said...

Girl that picture came from my camera phone...lol!!