06 October 2009

The ability to make a guy bleed pays $4.083m/yr

The stunningly fit, heavy-fisted, soft-handed, almost fleet-footed Milan Lucic, the new found cult hero of the working class fans of Boston Bruins everywhere, was finally rewarded today for his years of never-say-die attitude, and awarded a contract extension for 3 years at $12.25m.

Just a reminder to the naysayers, Jeremy Jacobs wouldn't pay $4m a year to someone who serves only as a pugilist. For proof, just ask PJ Stock.

Congrats, Looch. Keep it up, can't wait to see you wearing the Red and White come February.

And the funniest commercial you might not have seen:

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kris said...

I really wish the canucks organization could have used at least half a brain and drafted lucic.A hometown boy who also played in vancouver for the giants so they had lots of chances to see him play but they took grabner instead from the hockey hotbed of denmark. Of course this is a team that traded away Cam Neely.