22 October 2009

Preorder Luke Schenn Mcfarlane!

So I got a Google alert about there now being a Luke Schenn McFarlane figurine - available for pre-order! It ships in 01/10, but you can pre-order now to guarantee you get yourself one! The best price I've found for it is $11.99USD + shipping, on BigBadToyStore.com - click the link to go to the details page. There's no photo there, but I managed to find one for you!

Badass, eh? There's also another Bobby Orr in that set (Orr 3), also available from BigBadToyStore.com for $11.99 pre-order.

You're welcome!

To be posted later - the Leafs get rough in a game of shinny, the Bruins hand the Preds their 6th loss in a row while only playing a 40 minute game, and Brad Marchand scores his first NHL point in his first NHL game.

Also, my fantasy team sucks. I'm destined to be in last place every year I play this dumb game. Clearly I'm a shitty GM.

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