20 October 2009

Summing up the morning's Bruins news

Guillaume Lefebvre was sent back to the P-Bruins.

Johnny Boychuck's staying in town even though D-Wides should be able to play in Wednesday's game.

It was revealed Looch had a metal pin put into his finger during surgery - how will that affect his fighting?

(Mass) State Lottery has debuted a Boston Bruins scratch-off, with prizes including cash and season tickets.

Chowdaheadz is having a contest for a new slogan, you could win a $200 shopping spree! You can only enter one slogan a day, but have at it!

Kobasew might make his debut with the Wild tomorrow night.

I really want to see Sobotka on Krejci's wing, and I hope he sticks with the team. This kid is a GREAT player, and for such a small (comparatively speaking) player, he hits like a brick wall. I love his work ethic and his grit. For all the grief Euros get for being ... shall we say, elusive? This guy plays like he was born and raised in Boston. We'll see him debut tomorrow night. Fingers crossed he stays up.

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