25 October 2009

Witty title here - B's and Leafs in review

First off, I would like to point out that I WAS RIGHT. Not too long after posting my rant about how Wilson is ruining Schenn by breaking his confidence, and how he pretty much sucks as a coach, a former player under Wilson, Jim Thomson, went on Off the Record, and said the exact same damned thing. 

Off The Record guest Jim Thomson, who played for Wilson with the Anaheim Mighty Ducks during the 1993-94 season, lashed out at his former coach on Thursday, saying that while Leafs general manager Brian Burke is a "good hockey man", Wilson was lacking.

"Ron Wilson is not a good coach," Thomson told OTR. "Where it breaks down is he can't motivate players, he doesn't know what to do with players when there's controversy and they are losing."

Thomson also took Wilson to task for his handling of young blueliner Luke Schenn, who struggled during the Leafs 2-1 loss to the Ottawa Senators on October 6.

"When he calls out Luke Schenn three games into the season, a young player who's their future, and starts beating the hell out of him...You don't call a player out in the media, you go behind closed doors," Thomson stated.   "I watched him do it to Oleg Tverdovsky in Anaheim, and he ruined the kid's career."
I really want to gloat about how I was right, but case in point is, it's nothing to gloat about. This once again raises my battle cry to fire Wilson. Keep Zettler though! He's helping Luke find his game. And someone find Tim Armstrong and bring him in as head coach for the Leafs.

While on the subject of the Leafs, I was fascinated watching the last half of the game last night. This team DOES know how to play hockey. Why it took them 7 or 8 games to realise that, I've no idea. I couldn't tear my eyes away, nor could I help but be filled with glee that the 'Nucks hit the post 3x on an empty net. Fate? Only until they potted that last attempt.

Luke Schenn, if you happen to read this... I need to give you a quick education in fighting:

Kiddo, you keep holding your fist like that and it's only a matter of time before you break your damned hand. I was very pleased with the few great lefts he did get in on Glass (best last name EVAR for a fighter?), but that is a damned tragedy waiting to happen. Here is how to properly make a fist while punching someone:

Hand loosely curled, upper fingers tucked with the thumb over them, lower fingers flat, and you hit with your lower fingers. If you hold your thumb on the side of your index finger, there's nothing to keep your hand in position and voila - broken finger or hand or wrist. Watch Fight Club, or one of the many Lucic fights, for further illustration. You're welcome.

Moving onto the Bruins... I have to share this simply due to the hilarity. Last night I was flipping between the B's and Leafs, and I was captivated by the Leafs' ability to play hockey at the end of the third, and I missed the B's tying up the Sens. And this happened:

[21:32] me: i'd like to see krejci start doing something with his game.
[21:33] ****: ..... >:-(
[21:34] me: oh haha who scored? i was watching the leafs ACTUALLY PLAYING HOCKEY!!! IMAGINE!!!! the mind. it boggles.
[21:34] ****: fucking Krejci!!! :P!!!!
[21:35]: me: LMFAO NO WAI!!!!!

And what a beautiful goal it was. It's like I'm magic or something. Then I said in OT I'd like to see Sobotka score, and I believe he rang his next shot off the pipe. Thanks for the goal, Krejc. My fantasy team thanks you, and I thank you for a great win on my birthday!

The Bruins are playing surprisingly well despite the rash of injuries they're suffering through right now (and when I say rash, what I really mean is, their entire top line for most of last season is gone). They're still having a bit of a time delivering a full 60 minutes consistently, but they get down and dirty when it counts. And I can't complain, considering they're almost dead even with their stats from the same time last year. The biggest problems right now for them are goals allowed (2.9 v 2.4 last year) and the power play - 15%? Really? REALLY? I know Savvy was really their power play guy, but it shouldn't matter. Now that Krejci's gotten his first goal, I'm hoping he'll really step it up to be the QB on the PP, and get things going. Is 15% the worst in the league? That's just sad. Especially with Big Z on the point. Come on now, Bruins. Work it out.

I would like to thank Sean at my favourite Leafs blog - Down Goes Brown for making me follow up every mention last night of "Kyle Wellwood" with "is fat." Go give him a read if you haven't yet. He's possibly one of the best bloggers I've ever read, and that's saying something.

Six more days til Halloween - what are you going as?

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