18 November 2009

Bits & Pieces - Bs and Leafs (Milan Lucic up for auction)

Item the first: Marc Savard and Milan Lucic are both to be game-time decisions for playing tomorrow night. Do not let my calm, normal text deceive you. I'm flipping my shit because this has the potential to be the best thing ever. Then again, Pony shut out the Kings 7-0 last week and the Thrashers are on a 4 game win streak. Oh the delicious irony.

Item the second: He made like TWO fucking mistakes on one shift in the third, a 42 second shift if memory serves, and Wilson benched this kid for the rest of the game:

I've read a few things about his fight, and his game, that I disagree with. First off, he was bleeding BEFORE he took on Neil, from Neil cross-checking him in the back as Luke tried to get up from being boarded (if that wasn't boarding, Neil has a career as a prima ballerina when he leaves the game, cause he must've been on the TIPPY TOE of his blade, and frankly, it's Chris Neil. It's not above him to leave his feet). Schenny was on his knees, facing the boards when Neil circled back and smacked him in the back with his stick, causing Luke's face to kiss the boards, helmet askew thus leaving his face unshielded. Watch the replay. You can see the mark the edge of the visor left along his forehead, leading to the laceration. If I'm wrong, mea culpa, but that's how it looked on the Leafs version of the Rogers' broadcast. But I'm not usually wrong.

Secondly, look at how much damage the kid was already playing with. A healing blood blister in his left thumb (and he's left handed), healing bruises on his left hand from punching guys (what was this? 5th fighting major of the season? Has he been hanging out with Lucic? Hmmmm?), looks like his nose has recently been broken (again), and he appears to putting his jaw BACK into place. And then there's that flap of skin above his eyebrow that's gaping and had to be stitched close, cause super glue ain't helping that one. So the kid's just gotten stitched back up and put back together like Frankenstein's monster, he goes out in the 2nd, and OK he was on for one goal against, but he was also on for a goal for. Ruutu then made him a target for the rest of his time on the ice, and when he REALLY started fucking with Luke, John Mitchell (OF ALL PEOPLE) had enough and went after Ruutu. Did I take the blue pill? What was going ON with this game?!

Thirdly, whatever idiot wrote in the Sun or Canada post or wherever the hell it was that Luke "tripped" over Toskala obviously wasn't paying attention the split second BEFORE, when he was hit in the chest with a slapshot that knocked him over. Details, people, try paying attention to them. Shortly thereafter, or perhaps on the same play, it's all blurring at this point, Luke coughed up the puck.

And did not return to the ice.

I'm going over all of this in my mind and trying to decide if Wilson benched him for his own safety, or to send him a message. If it was a message, here's a message, Crazy Ron - go fuck yourself. If it was for his own safety, I'm also of the same mind in my message. Hockey players are the toughest guys you will ever meet. This is a 20 year old kid who's trying to adjust to new partners, new teammates, a slightly different system, and living up to hype. Let him fucking play. Let him make mistakes. I mean seriously, at this point, how much worse can it get? What's he gonna do, let the other team score ANOTHER goal? Whether they're losing by 1 or by 10, they're still losing so let the kid play. Let him find his legs, let him find his game, and stop kicking him while he's down. And while we're at it, someone get the kid some Peas for his face and hands. Greatest thing evar.

Item the third: If you happen to be in Boston on the 27th and 28th of November, you will be able to bid on this spec-fucking-tacular painting of Milan Lucic, created by Russian artist Veronika Loginova. I WANT that. I don't have the money to participate in an auction for it, but that is BEAUTIFUL. Click it to enlarge so you can see the actual texture of the nets in the painting, and how awesome that she used Looch's awesome hit in Seidenberg from last year's playoffs. This is truly an amazing work of art. I expect it to go for no less than $1,500USD. And frankly, that's a steal. I'm not sure of the size of the painting, but depending on size, and if it comes framed or just on stretched canvas, it could realistically go for up to $10k. If I had more information I could use my knowledge of paintings to help you out on a more accurate price. But the proceeds are going to the Boston Sports Museum, who I hope is busy making an awesome fake of it to hang up in their gallery (note: making a fake of a masterpiece is easier than you'd imagine).  So anyway, hit the Garden on the 27/28th and make a bid! THAT COULD BE HANGING OVER YOUR FIREPLACE! Or bed, whatever blows your skirt up.

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